Turn-Key Solution

Energia Potior Limited provide a complete EnPot turn-key package including:

Ducting installed for an EnPot heat exchanger

Ducting installed for an EnPot heat exchanger

  • Requirements assessment
  • Design specifications
  • Bespoke and smelter specific heat exchangers manufactured
  • Ducting and other peripherals
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Monitoring and review
  • Service and maintenance provisions.

The process of upgrading a smelter with an EnPot conversion is relatively straight forward and is broken into four distinct phases:

  1. Feasibility study and development of a business plan
  2. The conversion process
  3. Monitoring and review
  4. Service and maintenance.

Smelters remain fully operational during the conversion process, with no loss of production. Our team have the experience to work alongside smelter management and staff to ensure there is as little disruption to normal smelter operations as possible, and to advise the smelter management on how to best use the EnPot technology once it's installed, to maximise the benefits of having dynamic control of the potline.

EnPot Conversion Process

The flow chart to the right illustrates the usual EnPot conversion process. 

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