Articles relating to Energy Modulation

Support for modulation and flexible energy consumption of Aluminium Smelters is becoming more widespread. Below are a number of articles of interest. 

The Role of Aluminium Smelters in Decarbonising our Future

Will our quest to decarbonise lead us to an energy-rich future, and what role can primary aluminiumsmelters play? Geoff Matthews*, Future Aluminium Forum Advisory Board member, says there is significant commercial opportunity for smelters as we seek a low emissions future, but warns that flexibility is key. Read more.

World of Metallurgy - ERZMETALL 5/2018

Aluminium Smelting in the Age of Renewable Energy and the Internet of Things. “The age of renewable energy is upon us, or possibly more correctly put, the age of seeking a low emissions future is upon us. Grids heavy with renewable energy will seek to partner major industrial users who can vary energy consumption, and there will be significant financial incentives to do so.” Read more.


AIT Energia Potior Article Sept Oct 2016_Page_1.png

Aluminium International Today, September 2016

Opening the Window of Opportunity explores the benefits of opening the energy use window of Aluminum Smelters.


Light Metal Age, February 2017

Dynamically Controlled Energy Consumption   Game Changer for Aluminum Smelters, features an interview with Energia Potior Vice Presidents, Geoff Matthews and Dr. Mark Dorreen.

A Balancing Act_Page_1.png

Aluminium INternational Today, SEptember 2017

Why renewable energy grids need modulating aluminium smelters, by Geoff Matthews looks at thew problem facing energy grids as they increase the percentage of energy generated by renewables, and how modulating aluminium smelters can play an importnat role in helping blance the grid.

Smelter of the Future_Page_1.png

Aluminium INternational today, may 2018

Factory of the Future, Industry 4.0, Smart factory, various designations co-exist to name the Fourth
Industrial Revolution: A profound mutation of production modes within a highly evolving supply chain. This article also sets out a case for the smelter of the Future becoming an integral part of utility network. By Olivier Dufour, Patrick Richard, Claude Vanvoren and Coll* (*AVTAL: Association for promoting French aluminium technological heritage).