About Energia Potior Limited

Energia Potior is a partnership between Auckland UniServices Limited and Yunca Holdings Limited.

Auckland UniServices Limited is the commercialisation arm of The University of Auckland, and Yunca Holdings Limited, a private sector manufacturing and engineering company.

The joint venture, with assistance from the Light Metals Research Centre, and other private sector contractors, enables Energia Potior to deliver the EnPot technology globally by a specialist team that provides a total turn-key solution to our clients.


The EnPot technology was first developed and patented by a specialist team of researchers at the Light Metals Research Centre at The University of Auckland. The University has long been acknowledged as one of the preeminent aluminium smelting research institutes in the world.

During a decade of development, prototyping and testing of EnPot, the Light Metals Research Centre worked closely with Yunca Holdings Ltd ( Yunca), whose aluminium smelter experience and expertise was used to develop the technology so that the EnPot heat exchangers could be easily retrofitted to aluminium smelters in a non- invasive manner.

Terry Young, Founder of Yunca and President of Energia Potior Ltd, says the partnership brings together the best of both worlds.

“Yunca has been working at the coal face with aluminium smelters for over 20 years and has accumulated over a million hours of work for smelters. A significant portion of this work has been focussed on helping make smelters more efficient and more profitable.

“Yunca intimately understands the reliance global economies place on aluminium smelting, while at the same time by working to find better solutions for smelters also recognises that changes need to be made to the industry going forward.

“The Light Metals Research Centre’s initial research showed great potential to fundamentally change the way energy is consumed during the aluminium smelting process, and Yunca from the very early stages of development recognised how significant a breakthrough for the industry the EnPot technology could be when fully commercialised.

“While it took a substantial amount of work from both the research team at the Light Metals Research Centre and the engineering team at Yunca to perfect the EnPot System and make it ready for commercialisation, I am certain the end result will help change the economic outlook for a large number of aluminium smelters.

“For the first time in the 125 year history of aluminium smelting a solution that enables production to be substantially increased or decreased, will leverage a degree of price control from the buyers and pass it back to the primary smelting industry, where it belongs,” Terry Young says.

Commercialising EnPot

Terry Young says that after the successful long-term German trial, it became obvious to both Yunca and UniServices, that the best way to commercialise the EnPot technology was through the establishment of company dedicated to delivering the technology globally.

“ While it is a mechanical technology that can be easily retrofitted to 90% of the smelters in the world, it requires very cleaver brains to make it work efficiently and to extract the maximum benefit from the technology.

“Energia Potior Ltd is about bringing together a specialist team that can provide a total turn-key solution to smelter operators around the world,” he says. 

Full scale EnPot testing facilities at Yunca (above) and the   Light Metals Research Centre Laboratories (below) enabled the design performance of the EnPot heat exchanges to be optimised in-house. 

Full scale EnPot testing facilities at Yunca (above) and the Light Metals Research Centre Laboratories (below) enabled the design performance of the EnPot heat exchanges to be optimised in-house. 

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Auckland UniServices Limited is the commercial research, knowledge transfer, and custom education company for the University of Auckland - dedicated to connecting the University’s capabilities to business and investors, government and the community. In just 25 years UniServices has become a substantial organisation with over 600 employees, working in 37 countries, and with access to many more academic staff from the University of Auckland.

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Established in 1977 by Terry Young, Yunca Holdings Ltd has grown from designing and manufacturing its own domestic home heating appliances in the Young family garage, to operating internationally with three manufacturing and engineering plants in New Zealand, and one in Goa, India.

Over the past 20 years Yunca has also amassed an impressive resume of supplying manufacturing, maintenance, and consulting services to aluminium smelters. Along with the installation of replacement components, Yunca have completed over 1,000,000 hours of work for smelters in New Zealand, Australia and the Middle East.

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The University of Auckland has been at the forefront of aluminium smelter research since the 1950’s and has held a tradition of publishing exemplary postgraduate work. It is acknowledged as one of the top two research institutes in the world for aluminium smelting.

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Light Metal Research Centre (LMRC) is a dedicated centre for light metals research, development and training. It was founded in 2002 as part of Auckland UniServices Ltd. The centre has over 20 professional and doctoral researchers and a dozen contributing academics from The University of Auckland.

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